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“RC Corp Indonesia is a group of highly motivated young people with excitement, enthusiasm, and great work ethic that combine with professionalism and excellent customer service”

We are a professional Marketing company that grow faster than other marketing offices in Indonesia. We conduct face to face marketing activities for our clients in different areas such as corporate businesses, special events and shopping centers, and other alternative sites.

Our clients come from many industries such as :

– Telecommunications
– Finance
– Telecommunication
– Charity



Hi everyone, my name is Michael Moore President Director of PT Appco Indonesia. I have been living in this beautiful country for 9 years, I have ask to give testimonial for RC Corp and Rendita, Managing Director.

What a great pleasure to have been part of Rendita and RC Corp’s future. The have been with Appco for 6 years. Rendita was our first female Managing Director. Rendita has shown all the men that woman can do it! And has inspired women in our business to become the boss in their own futures.

As a company RC Corp have always been a pacesetter in Appco with RC Corp’s organization “LEADING THE WAY” in promotions and strong replacement with KHAIRUL UMAM GUNAWAN, Managing Director of Mataram Group, Rendita’s second office in the Head Office.

RC Corp’s strengths I whould definitely say is the team they are united with one vision, plan and support. I always see the team is always proud to be part of RC Corp.

I wish Rendita, RC Corp and team all the best in the future, hitting their business and personal goals.

To me when I heard the word of RC Corp, what has been crossing on my mind is a group of people from various backgrounds with 1 vision to achieve.

RC Corp is a great place to learn more about sales & marketing industry especially on a level of face to face. The environment is very supportive yet full of fun and also professional at the same time.




HA HA HA… !!!

I heard the often. I hear them all over the floor, loud and full of enthusiasm. That’s RC Corp, one of the best face to face marketing offices in country that provides excellent training system to enrich your knowledge about marketing, to develop your communication skills as well as leadership skill. This is a really good place to learn many things and I believe RC Corp will always be inspiring, growing and leading the way.

What comes in mind when hearing RC Corp is group of young energetic people that is professional and have strong work ethic. I am having a great time working together with Rendita and team and it is a pleasure for me to be part of support team for RC Corp Marketing Office. I believe RC Corp with its professionalism and work ethic will grow more and more beyond s8uccess and surely will leading the way.

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